Apple Homepod

Apple Home Pod

Apple HomePod

This week Apple Announced lots of "new" tech. Along came their answer to Amazon's Alexa and Google Home, the HomePod. First of all, I know they lack creativity lately but, HOMEPOD? They need to change their naming convention.

The Tech

  • Apple made A8 Chip - This is used from older iPhones
  • Six Microphones
  • Seven tweeters
  • "High-excursion" subwoofer
  • A cool touchpad on top with cool lighting effect
  • and.... it comes in two colors

The Claim

So, Apple claims this is going to be the best sounding smart speaker on the market. (They do say that for everything though) And I have to admit, with those specs, it does look promising.

My Two Cents

My gripe with Apple fashion products is that they never live up to my expectations. At $350 (+ tax) that's way more than the competition. I can literally buy 3 Google Homes at $109 each each directly from Google right now for the same cost of one HomePod. Google homes link music with each other so you can have music blasting all around your house (Amazon Echo currently does NOT support this feature). I am aware that you can also do this with AirPlay 2 but you would have to drop serious cash to accomplish this.

Another issue. A smart speaker needs to have the brains that Google and Amazon have, and currently, SIRI lacks it. For SIRI being as old as she is, she is the worst smart assistant out right now. Which is another reason I don't think the HomePod is going to be worth the asking price of $350.

I am very interested in listening to the HomePod but I would have to wait until December 2017 to do so. As of right now, Google Home paired with Chromecast Audio is the best affordable system you can get for your home audio.