Google Cloud vs Microsoft Azure

Recently I have been testing out some cloud service providers for different things but mainly is because they give me $200 (Azure) and $300 (Google) credit to play around in their system for a year in Google's case and only 30 with Azure. However, Google has come out ahead easily, not only because they gave me more money and a longer trial period but the speed and ease of use of their products is way superior than Microsoft Azure.

Azure Errors

My first (and only) test with Azure was using their "Azure Websites" option. Simply just trying to create a simple install of a Ghost blogging platform. That was a total disaster. The Azure website is Sssssllloooowwww. You need to click on a link and wait between 20 - 30 seconds for the thing to load. That is unacceptable. Once I managed to get the to site to create the blog, it took another 4 to 5 minutes for Azure to create the Virtual Machine (VM). After I waited all that time, I was ready to test my new Ghost Blogging site { - don't judge me on the name, it was just a test}. I waited another 30 seconds to load to be greeted with a #500 error. I decided to give it some time for the server to load everything it needed, so I came back to it the next day and NADA.

My next logical step was to contact support since I'm not a server wiz. Which came to the second nightmare, finding support. It is a mess navigating that interface, so good luck trying to find that chat with support. I wish I could tell you the steps I took to find them but I honestly do not remember. I finally get a hold of an online chat support. I explain my situations and he refers me to this blog on how to fix my issue. I automatically started questioning how a known error with an auto installer is not being fixed by them, which in return I get "Ghost developers need to do that". Which I immediately followed with "this doesn't look bad on Ghost, this looks bad on the Azure team for allowing me to deploy something that doesn't work". He then decided to load one up himself to see if he got the same error, which he did.

I had enough with Azure and deleted the VM and decided to go cancel my account. Which was another issue altogether because they won't let me remove my credit card that they asked me to put when I started my trial and the button to confirm to cancel the subscription is not even there. So I can select the option but I cannot confirm it. Total nightmare. (see image below)

Azure Subscription Cancel Fail

Why Google Cloud is better for me!

After all that frustration, I decided to use Google Cloud and attempt to launch the same Ghost blogging platform. This was a total success (obviously, since this is where I'm writing this post). First off, Google gave me $300 credit for me to use for an entire year without even asking me for my credit card to be on file. Second, it was very simple to load the Ghost blog with them. Didn't have a single error during that process. I was up and running in less than 10 minutes.